White House Gatecrasher Tareq Salahi Denied Motion To Dismiss Bankruptcy


According To Radar Online:

“White House ‘Gatecrasher’ Tareq Salahi’s motion to dismiss a bankruptcy case filed by his mother for their family winery was denied Tuesday by a Virginia judge, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Tareq claimed he was a majority shareholder in Oasis Vineyards, Inc., and the case was filed without proper authority because he holds the power of attorney for his father Dirgham- a claim that has been disputed by his mother Corrine.

On information and belief, my mother Corinne Salahi has misrepresented that she had the authority to file this bankruptcy,” said Tareq, who appeared in court Tuesday, in his motion to dismiss the case filed in July.

Tareq also claimed he learned of the bankruptcy trustee in April 2010- which the trustee attorney Kevin McCarthy disputed.

Oasis Vineyards filed Chapter 11 in December 2008 and was converted to Chapter 7 in March 2010. The trustee attorney said Tareq was alerted to both notices.

“Salahi now contests the validity of the original bankruptcy petition…it is too late for Salahi to do that. It’s been more than nineteen months since the filing of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition,” McCarthy wrote in his opposition motion.

Tareq further stated that his mother “is solely responsible for this bankruptcy and doesn’t know what’s she’s doing,” claiming wines have spoiled and as a result there have been hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

McCarthy, the trustee attorney, told RadarOnline.com that the next step is to attempt to sell assets to the winery.”

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