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Lil’ Kim & LaToya Jackson: Separated At Birth?

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A Stylish Beverly Hills Meet-Up With Dr. Paul Nassif & Kyle Richards

Dr. Paul Nassif & Kyle Richards

You never know who you’ll run into while on an errand in Beverly Hills.

I bumped into Dr. Paul Nassif of Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Kyle Richards, two of the stars of Bravo TV’s hit reality series, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Ever stylish, Kyle was even more beautiful in person with her natural elegant look. And Dr. Nassif’s down-to-earth personality made for a fun photo-op.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the second season of the show. It’s sure to be a bumpy but fun ride.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif Separating

The bickering couple of Bravo TV’s hit reality series, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” reportedly are planning to call it quits.

According to a media report, Dr. Paul Nassif is planning to file for legal separation from Adrienne Maloof, who is aware of Dr. Nassif’s intent.

The couple, a fan favorite among Bravo’s devoted audience, has been working to try to address numerous issues. They have been married since 2002 and have three sons.

The filming of the Real Housewives has taken a significant toll on Adrienne and Paul’s marriage.

Apparently the drama became so heated that Adrienne opted to not go with the other Housewives for filming in Paris.

It’s even questionable whether Adrienne will appear in the show’s reunion filming scheduled for Monday, July 30.

After meeting with Dr. Nassif at his office and conducting several interviews with him, I always thought he was down to earth. It’s really sad to see this relationship end.

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Kim Kardashian: Botox Goes To The Dogs

Kim Kardashian & Rocky

Pampered pooches are now getting nose jobs, eye lifts and even dental work to enhance their pearly whites as owners splurge on plastic surgery for their dogs.

One popular procedure Kim Kardashian had for her boxer Rocky is a neuticles which are bean-shaped silicone implants that replace the testicles of neutered dogs.

“It’s typically men who want them for their dogs,” said Idaho based veterinarian and author Dr. Marty Becker. ” And you can always tell when a dog has them because when he sits on the exam room table the clank.”

While most procedures seem to be unnecessary and frivolous most dog plastic surgery is to correct medical problems. Nose jobs are done to correct breathing problems for pugs, Boston terriers and boxers as, well as some cats. Eye lifts are popular for bloodhounds, bulldogs and mastiffs. These breeds suffer form a hereditary eye condition called entropion, which is a rolling in of the eyelid which can lead to blindness.

“I’ll do eye tacks to make droop eyes tighter and canthoplasty to make bulging eyes less likely to pop out-of-place,” said Dt. Patty Khuly a practicing veterinarian. Canine face-lifts help with drooping eyelids and Botox straightens out skin folds caused by wrinkles in share-peis.

“For dogs with crooked teeth, we can either extract the tooth or fit braces,” said Dr. Jan Bellows, a veterinary dental specialist in Weston, Fla.

Braces are usually needed for six months compared to years for humans, the cost range from $1,000-$5,000. Dr. Khuly said, “One of my in-house colleagues will restore canine crowns after root canals. We even go for orthodonture because straights teeth mean less periodontal disease.”

Dogs really are a mans best friend!

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Orange County Sexy Senior 83 Gets Breasts Implants

Marie Kolstad, 83

Marie Kolstad, an 83 year-old mother of 4  from Orange County, California, with 13 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren decided she needed a little lift at her advanced age.

The sexy senior widow had an $8000 three hour breast augmentation operation that increased her size from 32A to 36A.

The NY Times first reported her story. Kolstad told them that “Physically, I’m in good health, and I just feel like, why not take advantage of it?… My mother lived a long time, and I’m just taking it for granted that that will happen to me. And I want my children to be proud of what I look like.”

“In 2010, there were 84,685 surgical procedures among those over 65, according to the American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Of those, 26,635 were face-lifts; 24,783, cosmetic eyelid operations; 6,469, liposuctions; 5,874, breast reductions; 3,875, forehead lifts; 3,339, breast lifts and 2,414, breast augmentations.”

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OC Housewife Alexis Bellino: ‘My Eating Disorder Is A Lifetime Disease’

OC Housewife Alexis Bellino has admitted she has struggled with eating disorders since she was 12 years old and feels she will always have food issues.

Bellino  struggle with food issues started in 1988 with the divorce of her parents.

“I’ll serve everyone else dessert, but I’ll pour salt and pepper all over mine so I don’t eat it, I just didn’t want to eat” said the reality star.

During her college years Bellino said she began purging.

Jim & Alexis Bellino

Three years later she broke her leg in a car accident and put on 10 lbs due to not being able to exercise, the small weight gain made her miserable. Alexis has gone to extremes over the years to keep her weight under control using laxatives and to this day does not eat more than 900 calories a day. “I’d have 10 Cheerios or a piece of lettuce with vinegar on it,” she said.

After the end of her first marriage in 2002 she decided she needed to make changes and sought help to stop purging. With the help of her second husband Jim she says she has grown in confidence but “my eating disorder is a lifetime disease.”

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OC Housewife Peggy Tanous Sues Three Banks To Stop Home Foreclosure

Court records in Orange County show Peggy Tanous, 41,  & husband Micah had a default notice on November 16, 2010, $190,713 in arrears on their mortgage.

As I previously reported the Tanous’s home was in foreclosure but now Peggy is claiming the banks did not honor their loan modification agreement.

They are now suing three different banks in an effort to save their home.

According to RadarOnline, the Tanous’s owe $1.3 million on the home purchased in 2006 with multiple mortgages. They have one mortgage for $1 million and a second for $312,540 according to court records. The couple also quit paying their property taxes but have now started making payments on their tax bill.

The home was assessed at $875,000 in 2009 due to the nationwide real estate crisis down from the $1,379,000 they purchased the home for.

In her lawsuit against the three banks Peggy said, “It is her family’s home, and she does not want to lose the Property in a foreclosure sale.”

While the couple were busy buying Bentley’s, boob jobs, and watches and splurging on plastic surgery the one thing they didn’t pay was the mortgage. If the foreclosure ultimately goes through at least they have their expensive home on wheels to sleep in, Bentley’s have  very plush interiors.

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Nicole Kidman On Plastic Surgery,Botox & Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman looks beautiful as ever on the cover of UK Marie Claire in which she discusses her life in Nashville, plastic surgery and her marriage with ex-husband Tom Cruise, and why she will never use Botox again.

“Well, I move my forehead, I frown…I tried it, I didn’t like it, so I’ve gone back to my own forehead. But I’ve never had plastic surgery on my face. People say I have but I haven’t.”

On her marriage to Tom Cruise:

“As a couple we were very private. We were not out a lot and we were very, very tight and that’s why we lasted ten years, which is a good amount of time, particularly when you get married at 23. I was never seeking to be a celebrity. But I was prepared to do that for love. And that is something that is hard to do. It’s hard when you’re young. But I’m ready to give up anything for love because, ultimately, that is what you have. You get so much from a relationship when it is filled with love.”

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Exclusive Interview With Dr. Nassif of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’


Dr. Paul Nassif

Dr. Paul Nassif took time from his busy plastic surgery practice at the Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills to talk to me about an insurance issue he and lawyers are addressing to protect his practices’ reputation.


But we focused our time by getting his insights and perspectives of Bravo’s hit reality show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” His wife, Adriene Maloof-Nassif, has become the “voice of reason” among the glitzy and glamourous chaos in the exclusive enclave of Los Angeles.

For a well-regarded doctor and star of a reality show, Dr. Nassif was sincere and down-to-earth during the interview where he also shared his unique perceptions of the many personalities that make the show a runaway success.


Adrienne Maloof

Listen to  my exclusive interview via my publicist’s London-based audioBoo with Dr. Nassif and hear what he has to say about the public break-up of Kelsey and Camille Grammar as well as the unfortunate yet emotional blow-up of sisters Kyle and Kim in the season finale.

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Gordon Ramsey’s Hair Nightmare


When Gordon Ramsay was recently photographed with a puffed-up face while on vacation with his family in Napa Valley, Calif., tabloids were quick to suspect hair treatments or cosmetic surgery, which Ramsay has admitted to having before.

Ramsay, 44, told reporters during a conference call that he was chasing bandits in Costa Rica for a documentary on illegal shark fin hunting when his “hair nightmare” occurred.


“I had petrol doused, gasoline poured all over my hair and I had a horrific infection,” he said. “It certainly didn’t cause my hair to be falling out.”

Then, Ramsay added, “I was in Napa for Christmas literally two weeks after the shoot and went horseback riding with the kids and had a horrendous allergic reaction to the horses, combined with the problems I had with my scalp, so it was just a hair nightmare.”

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