Suze Orman To Octomom On Oprah- ‘Are You A Baby Addict’


Broke “Octo-Mom” Nadya Suleman got a financial intervention from money makeover guru Suze Orman on the Oprah Winfrey show on Friday and things got heated.

In one of several bizarre and even disturbing segments of the show, the tough-talking financial expert accused Suleman of lying when she claimed that she paid for her embryo implants “through years of saving.”

Nadya Suleman's Home At Risk For Forclosure

“Lie. Lie. Lie,” Orman said. “I went through your finances. You had to pay back somebody who lent you the money to have it. You did not save the money to be implanted. You borrowed all of it.”

Suleman confessed : “All of it. I borrowed the money,” But then she back-tracked saying: “I saved and I borrowed and…I did everything I could – like an addict. Like an addict to drugs who will do anything they can to secure the money they need for in vitro. I think I could have been self-medicating through children.”

And in fact in one of the nastier and more bizarre parts of the show, Orman barked at Octo-Mom: “Are you a baby addict?!”

As Octo tried to answer, Orman interrupted loudly, and sternly demanded, “Yes or no?! No, are you a baby addict? Yes or no?!’

Octo said today she isn’t but “back then probably yes”

The “premise” of the show was for Orman to give Suleman a financial makeover, as the mom of 14 previously admitted that she’s broke. Orman had been working with her prior to show taping.

Nadya Suleman & Ten Of Her Children

Orman told her: “You need to look at all your bills. You need to look at this very realistically. The gifts have to go, the manicures have to go, the trainer has to go.” She also told Nadya to get rid of the $2,000 a month private school bills and pointed out that she spent almost $8,000 on Christmas toys last year.

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