Sister Of Madonna’s Ex-Manager Caresse Henry Says Singer Betrayed Her And Blames Kabballah For Her Suicide


Madonna & Caresse Henry

Madonna’s ex-manager of 10 years Caresse Henry, 44,  of Laguna Beach killed herself on March 31st, 2010 in Irvine, California 5 weeks after receiving a fax from Madonna in London in November 2004 stating her services were no longer needed.

Henry’s sister Yvette Dobbie said her sister felt betrayed by Madonna after being loyal to the singer for 13 years. Caresse was hired by Madonna in July 1992 as her personal assistant and went on to become Madonna’s manager 3 years later.

Yvette says Madonna never publicly acknowledged her sister’s death and said an attorney for Madonna sent her a letter five weeks after her sister’s suicide advising her not to speak to  authors or reporters. Madonna did send flowers to Henry’s funeral but neither Madonna or her publicist Liz Rosenberg issued a statement concerning her sister’s death.

Dobbie said she believes Madonna’s involvement with Kabballah caused her sister and Madonna to become estranged which led to her sister becoming deeply depressed. Yvette went on to say Madonna was obsessed with Kabbalah a mystic part of Judaism and would not allow Henry to date one of her bodyguards because Kabbalah insiders did not approve of the relationship.

“My sister was very troubled by  Kabbalah’s involvement and intrusiveness into personal lives and she tried to keep them separate.”

“If they would have had their way then they would have wanted Madonna’s name scattered throughout Caresse’s Eulogy but I made sure it was not mentioned once.

“My sister was an amazing woman and I want to get her story out there – it will be about her entire life not just about her time with Madonna and the influence Kabbalah played in their relationship.”

“I have taken legal advice after she sent us her lawyer’s letter and there is nothing preventing me from going ahead with my book.

“There have been a lot of un-truths spoken about Caresse, and I want to separate the myths from the facts and set the record straight once and for all.

“My sister was a remarkable human being who went on an incredible journey and I want to celebrate that.”

Madonna & Ex-Manager Caresse Henry

Caresse is survived by her sister,brother,parents and her two children.

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