Remember Britney’s Ex-Friend/Manager Sam Lutfi- Heeee’s Back!


Seems  like yesterday when Brit Brit was running around daily wearing pink wigs and a bad weave  Sam Lutfi was there (destroying) managing Britney’s career.

Sam’s back alledgely stalking Samuel Barth an aspiring actor/model from Virginia with whom Barth moved in with during January 2010.

“In the complaint Barth says he  tried to distance himself from Lutfi and that’s when the alleged campaign of terror began.  Barth claims in his declaration Lutfi tried to drive a wedge between Barth and his mother, calling her “evil,” a “bitch” and “Satan,” among other things.  Lutfi sent emails and texts to Barth’s mom, telling her how she “viciously destroyed” the lives of her kids.  Lutfi emailed Barth’s underage sister (about the mom and aunt), “I wish those two sick women the most evil and painful death possible.”

Lutfi also verbally attacked Barth’s brother, calling him “a waste of human flesh” and a “f**kin’ loser.”

“The judge granted the temporary restraining order today and, among other things, prohibited Lutfi from hacking into the various accounts of Barth and his family.”

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