Real Housewife of Miami’s Son Will Not Be Charged With Attacking Homeless Man In Miami Beach

peter_rosello.jpg- Alexia Echevarria

Real Housewife of Miami Alexia Echevarria’s Son Peter Rosello

Peter Rosello,20, runway model and son of The Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria, 44, will not be charged with attacking a homeless man in Miami and striking him in the groin as he slept on a Miami Beach street. Rosello was arrested and charged with felony battery but will not be prosecuted after entering in an agreement with the 62 year old victim Gary Lee Brown.

Rosello entered a pre-trial diversion program last month as part of his resolution with the victim. Among the program’s conditions, Rosello must: write a letter of apology to the man he hit in the groin as he slept peacefully Oct. 3 on a South Beach street; perform 100 hours of community service in a homeless shelter; contribute $1,000 to the victims assistance fund; complete a class on social values; and pay the yet-to-be-determined investigative costs.

If he completes the six-month program designed to keep first-time offenders out of the system, his case will be dismissed and record sealed, said Miami-Dade County State Attorney Spokesman Ed Griffith.

Rosello is the stepson of politically-connected lobbyist Herman Echevarria, but Griffith says the suspect did not benefit from special treatment.

“He (Rosello) was eligible for the diversion program as a first-time offender,” Griffith said. “This is the typical resolution that our office proposes.”

Said Richard Sharpstein, Rosello’s attorney: “He’s young, and he made a foolish mistake. He’s going to pay for it in kind.”

Echervarria started the New Year with her own fireworks after the taxman filed papers with Miami-Dade County accusing the Housewife and her lobbyist husband Herman with failing to pay $90,078.44 in 2009 taxes.

The IRS has requested that the couple pay up several times, and finally placed a lien on their $1.2 million home in Miami Beach. Unless they pay up, the feds will help themselves should the couple sell their home.


Alex Echervarria & Son

The lien came down in May, and has yet to be paid up!

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