Prince Of Pop Justin Bieber Crowned

Justin Bieber is undeniably the prince of pop to the 27 million fans that follow the star on twitter.

Bieber, 18, tweeted a picture of his new tattoo of a crown on his upper chest on the right side.

He tweeted: ‘New tattoo its a crown if you couldn’t tell.’ ‘Im thinking to myself ‘wow really justin 3 shirtless pics in 3 days’ who do i think i am a young @Mark_Wahlberg sheesh lol.’

The teenager most recently debuted a tattoo on his right arm – the Japanese Kanji symbol for music- in July.

‘Who do you think you are, Mark Wahlberg?’ Justin poked fun at the amount of shirtless pictures he had shared with fans on Twitter

The Canadian pop star already has a collection of tattoos the first at the age of 16, a bird on his hip, Hebrew word for Jesus on his ribcage, and an image of Jesus etched on his left leg.


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One Response to “Prince Of Pop Justin Bieber Crowned”

  1. Jake at #

    Omg he is not the prince of pop! Chris brown, has it right now. Before then it was justin timberlake and before it was Prince. Followers doesnt equal to music capabilities. Where are justin biebers album sale? Awards? Fans of all different races not just white people? Genders? He has no male fans, a few who are gay and think hes cute. Michael jackson didnt have twitter and youtube to get famous by. Ill be glad when this kid is gone in 10 years.

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