Pageant Mom Loses Custody Of Daughter Over Botox Injections

Kerry Campbell the California mother who appeared on Good Morning American last week defending Botox injections she gives to her 8-year old daughter has lost custody.

Th San Francisco Human Services Agency launched an investigation after receiving numerous calls from viewers.

“There was a pretty big community response,” Trent Rhorer, the director of human services told the San Francisco Chronicle last week.

The Chronicle reported that Kerry Campbell is a false name and the woman does not live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Britney wasn’t put in the foster care system. Officials were able to place Britney with family members that live in the area. Britney misses her mom, terribly. Britney is safe, and being well cared for. She doesn’t understand why this is happening, and Britney thinks this is her fault,” an insider reported.

“There is no timetable about how or when Britney will be allowed to go back and live with her mother. It could be sometime, officials are going to  conduct a very thorough and exhaustive investigation. Officials are concerned not only for the fact that Britney was getting Botox injections, but also for the potential psychological trauma that this little girl has been exposed to since news of the controversy broke. An eight-year old talking about wrinkles is very, very troubling,” an insider told RadarOnline.

The pageant mom says she is doing her daughter a favor and she is licensed to perform the procedure.

“I do the Botox myself,” she said. “It’s safe.”

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