OC Housewives Reunion Show: Lies, Cheating, & Dead Beat Dads

On Sunday night, the ladies revisit Tamra Barney’s bathtub antics with boyfriend, Eddie, causing Alexis to accuse Tamra of being a bad mother. Vicki Gunvaison has an emotional breakdown when she watches an interview with her ex-husband, Donn, as he talks about the pain he feels over their divorce. Alexis Bellino defends her “traditional” marriage. Gretchen Rossi talks about the turmoil in her relationship with Slade, who has been accused of being a dead-beat dad. Just when it couldn’t get any tenser – Tamra and Gretchen make will it clear their feud is alive and well as accusations of lies, cheating and snooping are thrown between the two.

The drama continues on Monday night’s reunion episode on Bravo TV. Peggy Tanous addresses a revelation that she believes is at the root of the competitive strain in her friendship with Alexis. Slade joins the group to address rumors of him being a “dead-beat dad,” and a heated exchange with Tamra ensues. Finally, the ladies are visited by former-Housewife Jeana, who is no stranger to conflict. Vicki Gunvaison sends off the sixth season with a proper “whoo-hoo!”

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