OC Housewife Jeana Keough Considers Legal Action After Brawl With Tamra Barney


Jeana Keough

Jeana Keough who is no longer a cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County recently attended a wrap party for season 6 of the show. The evening ended with cast member Tamra Barney and Jeana having a brawl over comments Jeana has been making to the press that Tamra felt were inaccurate.

According To Radar Online:

“It’s not alright to bite, hit, or spit on anyone. It’s not alright to be abusive,” Jeana said. “It’s not okay to assault someone. You keep your hands to yourself. Words are nothing. You have to know you can’t take physical action.”

Jeana recently met with her neighborhood Orange County Sheriff’s representative to explain the incident that occurred Saturday and what legal remedies she could take.

“I’m not going to file a police report. There are so many other options. Her attorney needs to talk to mine. She has some explaining to do.”

At the finale get-together for season 6 at Vicki Ginvalson’s house, Tamra was apparently furious that Jeana had been giving interviews about her – interviews she has told people are wildly inaccurate – and had her lawyer wrote a cease and desist letter to Jeana. When Tamra attempted to give the letter to Jeana at the party, the situation turned physical and wine was thrown everywhere, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively from eyewitnesses.

“It’s assault when you throw alcohol in someone’s face and you push them when their back is turned to leave the party,” Jeana said. “It was premeditated because I thought she was mad at her boyfriend and it was me!”

“They [Sheriffs] told me I really had to think about it. What’s really the good that can come of it? They basically said your safety is not an issue. You’re protected here,” Jeana added. “Yes, she assaulted you, but is it worth it? They told me I don’t need a police report, but because there are so many hours of film, an attorney can just subpoena the film.”


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9 Responses to “OC Housewife Jeana Keough Considers Legal Action After Brawl With Tamra Barney”

  1. Md at #

    What the Hell is Wrongwith Tamra; Seriously??!! Jeana is the nicest and kindest person and although may have some issues resulting from her long and unhealthy marriage, has a heart of Gold!!!
    Tamra needs therapy, electro convulsive therapy!!! Her current bo will Not stick around; he’ll see Tamra for what she really is; an unstable, angry, pathetic, wack job!!!
    She’s sooo angry at the world, and it’s Always everyone else; hmmmmmmm…….

    • anne at #

      Seems like your panties are in quite a twist over people you don’t know, or do you……Jeana needs to mind her own freakin business. She made the CHOICE to stay with an abusive alcoholic. She is a classic co-dependent. YOU seem a little angry to me., why don’t YOU try some shock therapy. Oh,and it’s BEAU not BO.

  2. Jessa at #

    Md: I agree Tamra needs therapy, to be sure, but Jeana is kind of being a hypocrit, I think. Numerous sites keep reporting that Jeana threw a drink in Tamra’s face in response and has acknowledged that Simon throwing things at Tamra isn’t abuse. Now I don’t think, in a fit of anger, throwing a leash can necessarily hurt another individual (depending on the type of leash) and therefore may not be considered abuse (merely an extremely childish, uncivilized type of behavior coming from a 40+ year old man) so this could be comparing apples to oranges. I also agree with Jeana that I don’t think there was any abuse going on in the Barney household (though maybe you could argue some emotional abuse, which IS abuse).

    Bottom line: I think Tamra is truly white trash. This is a sociopathic mean girl who get’s her kicks off spreading rumors and creating misery from others out of spite, jealosy, and pure sadistic amusement. So for this reason, I hope Tamra gets hit BIG TIME with lawsuits (and I certainly don’t want her raising those kids, expecially since she doesn’t seem to want them anymore).

    Is there any way we could get rid of Tamra, Vicki, Gretchen, and Peggy (and their equally obnoxious, douchy spouses) and bring back Tammy, Jeana, Jo and Frenanda?

  3. Jamee at #

    Jeanna is one of the biggest shit stirrers there is. Very interesting that when Tamra files a report after continuous harassment during her divorce that jeanna is in the mix stating that she was not abused when there is tons of film to prove of his controlling verbally abusive behavior. Just as their is tons of footage of Jeanna being abused by her sons and husband. Just because Jeanna chose to stay in her abusive marriage and raise abusive sons is her problem. What the other housewives have even said on WWHL and in other public forums is that JK involves herself in other peoples business. Jeanna is a nasty, nasty piece of work. Nice….what? Is this one of Jeanna’s kids? Let me tell you if some washed up hag was going around town giving intereviews on a marriage that she knew nothing about, she had better watch out, that wine wouldn’t be the only thing hitting her face. I feel very sorry for Jeanna, she apparently needs to grab herself a life. Whack job, Tamra, I don’t recall seeing that in any of her seasons, however I have seen Jeanna being called out on her BS as well as her own abusive relationship that she chose to stay in.Speaks volumes about who is valid. Tamra would also have a suit for slander…

  4. Rae at #

    Tamra is the one that instigated this whole situation at the party. Tamra threw those lil papers from her attorney in Jeana’s face and then when Jeana was trying to keep her from shoving them in her face, put her hands up. Tamra’s biggest defense was throwing wine, wow, what a dignified move. Jeana should of shoved her scilicone, botox ass into the pool. Tamra has always been the poor little me. Golddigger is what it’s called. The immaturity level on this season by Tamra and her sidekick Vicki has been beyond words, listening thru the bathroom door and other episodes, come on ladies! For women who claim to have it all, seems to me you are truly missing something in your lives. As for me, I don’t have money nor come from money, but I know I am far more richer in my life than you women will ever be or even know! Good luck to Jeana, you certainly don’t need to justify yourself to these petty women, don’t lower yourself to such a level, you are better than that.

  5. willow at #

    I love Jeana I think she is the most genuine person on that show.She isn’t always trying to make herself look rich..Jeana was merely asked for her opinion and as she said her words were misinterpreted.We know how that can happen because reporters want to sell their news so they add a lttle more to it..tamra o the other hand ough..Gretchen is young and beautiful…she is so jealous of Gretchen.I can see why though.. tamra is a mess.she is looking older than she really is and the faces she makes are just awful it looks like she’a always suckin on a lemon.she is a hipocrite.has bad mouthed all the housewives yes even her new bestie Vicky..She is feeling younger because she is with eddie lmao..she doesn’t look younger she looks like one of those old hags with a younger man/?..I think he’s gay..i think the only thing tamra and eddie have in common is the ugly faces they make..tamra he’s just wanting publicity he’s not in love with you as you think.Vicky is wanting what tamra has which is a new guy that makes her feel younger.sorry vicky theres no help for you or tamra in that department.I hope tamra gets what she deserves..

  6. Vic at #

    That Tamra is a piece of work! And she needs a LOT of work! Someone get her help! But I supect than more than anything it’s just a case of you can take the white trash out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the white trash. She’s so superficial and so plain to see she’s just trash dressed up in nice clothes that Bravo has provided through the “fame” she has gained as a unclassy OC housewife that comes with a son with a police record and all. How much of her actions and personality and raising her son say white trash!

  7. Maya at #

    I find it hard to believe that Jeana can’t tolerate a drink rightfully being thrown in her face when she has accepted being in an abusive marriage for over 10 years. She needs to seek therapy defending abusive husbands. She needs to stop being an advocate for perpetrators of domestice violence and get a backbone and divorce her husband. I really feel so sorry for her and wish someone would get Jeana to see a therapist who deals with battered wives. Tamara is the least of her problems and she shouldn’t go around defending abusive and controling husbands like Tamara’s ex.

  8. Marie at #

    Jeana is the most level headed person on the show. She’s genuine and well intended. Tamara is manipulative and exaggerates for attention. Team Jeana!

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