NJ Housewife Danielle Staub Will Be Murdered Ex-Husband Says


Danielle Staub aka Beverly Merrill

Danielle Staub’s ex-husband Kevin Maher who lives in Orange County California has filed a complaint against Danielle for defamation with depositions starting on October 5th. Maher told EOnline that Danielle has no conscience and that her past association with a Columbian Drug Cartel will come back to haunt her.

Danielle was arrested in 1986  along with her ex-husband when she was known as Beverly Merrill and charged with kidnapping, weapons and drug charges.

Kevin Maher went on to say:

“It’s not safe being around her,” he said. “She’s a very dangerous woman. I am of the belief that she will get murdered.”

But first, Maher wants his day in court.

“I am so looking forward to Oct. 5, which will be the worst day in Danielle Staub’s life,” her ex continued, referring to her upcoming deposition in the defamation lawsuit Maher filed last year in response to accusations she made on The Real Housewives of New Jersey that he raped her “on a bed of broken glass” and did other abusive things.

“It was a horrific thing being called a rapist,” Maher said. “She did that in a calculating, diabolical way to hurt me…It would be the worse day in any pathological liar’s life when they are sat down and they have to raise their hand and swear to god that the things they are about to say are the truth.”

Maher had said before that he couldn’t wait to get Staub on the hot seat, saying he’s got enough dirt on his former missus to prove she’s a pathological liar.

“What kind of woman would make those allegations?” he told E! News today. “Look at what she is…She’s a prostitute, she’s a porn star, and she’s also the mother of two.”

In her recent tell-all, The Naked Truth, Staub admitted to being a call girl once upon a time but denied being a prostitute. Her attorney filed a motion Tuesday asking the judge to exclude from evidence any references to her being in a sex tape, being promiscuous, being a stripper or being a prostitute.

“I would be shocked if the judge suppressed her background,” Maher said. “She’s been living a life of lies. She told her two beautiful daughters a fairytale about who she was—a supermodel.”

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