Newest OC Housewife Peggy Tanous’s Home In Foreclosure


Peggy Tanous

Peggy Tanous 41, the newest cast member of the Real Housewives of Orange County season 6 has defaulted on her home loan with husband Micah and the home is now officially in foreclosure.

Peggy’s home was purchased in 2006 for $1,379,000 with a loan of $1 million. The bank states that the Tanous family now owe $1,318,253 on their loan. They are presently in default with back mortgage payments of $190,713.

On March 17, the Tanous’ home is set for auction, and as of just a week ago, Peggy arrived in her Bentley to show off her home on E News.

In the new edition of Us Weekly, Vicki Gunvalson discusses her divorce with husband Donn who are still living together nearly five months after filing for divorce.

“We’re still living together,” she said. “We’re mediating our divorce. We still have our finances co-mingled and joint accounts.”

Vicki added, “It’s very hard, but the reality is, he’s not fighting for me. He’s not saying, ‘Babe, I want you back.’ He’s saying, ‘Babe, I wish you well.'”

Gunvalson said that for many years, her happiness came from her work and her children, adding “My love tank has truly been empty for many years.”


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One Response to “Newest OC Housewife Peggy Tanous’s Home In Foreclosure”

  1. Jessa at #

    HAHA!! I’ve never been a fan of Peggy, not because she looks like a tranny or has a bad boob-job, but because she is an obvious phoney and likes to stir up drama with her equally obnoxious hubby. I take great delight in this (yeah, it probably makes me a bad person) but watching her idiot husband and Peggy brag continuously about this “fab” life they are living and showing off their bentleys and bling while at the same time complaining about “phonies” like Jim Bellino (who is a jerk and fake, don’t get me wrong) while they themselves are living in a FORECLOSED “mansion” (which is really an average house)” cracks me up. Ooooh, look at how HARD it is? Here’s an idea, Micah and Peggy, get REAL jobs, sell the flashy bling and vehicles, and stop buying expensive trashy clothes and getting surgeries (really Peggy, please stop, you are so painful to look at)!

    And sorry, but Micah ISN’T hot, and should forgo tanning and drinking to getting some sleep. Those bags under his eyes are so distracting! His “buisnesses” are a joke, and he is a straight up snob trying to compensate for something (a giant black hummer, REALLY?!) And being only THREE younger then his wife, does not make Peggy a cradle robber, as much as she likes to brag about marrying a hot, young wealthy guy (um, wrong on all three).

    And Bravo: more Frenanda please. I can’t believe you chose Pretentious Peggy over sweet and sexy Frenanda. And take Vicki, Gretchen/Slade, and Tamra with you.

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