NBA Player Allegedly Triggered Mayweather Violence


According To TMZ:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was in a fit of jealousy over a basketball player when he allegedly attacked his baby mama, Josie Harris and threatened to kill the pair … this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

According to the report, Mayweather read text messages on Josie’s phone … which included messages from C.J. Watson (pictured below), who plays for the Chicago Bulls. According to the report, Mayweather screamed, “‘Are you having sex with C.J.?’ Harris replied, ‘Yes, that is who I’m seeing now.'”

According to the report, the 10-year-old son of Mayweather and Harris told cops he “saw his dad was on his mother and was hitting and kicking her.”

According to the report, “Harris stated that Mayweather began yelling at Harris, ‘I’m going to kill you and the man your (sic) are messing around with.’ He also stated, ‘I’m going to have you both disappear.'”

The police report says Harris was taken to Southern Hills Hospital and treated for “minor facial injuries and a sore left arm.” Pictures of the injuries were taken.

The police report goes on to say while Harris was at the hospital Mayweather called Georgia Parker Harris’ friend who lives in the house and told her to get out of the house.


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2 Responses to “NBA Player Allegedly Triggered Mayweather Violence”

  1. So as a boxing fan and a Floyd Mayweather Jr. I have to say I hope for Floyd to make the move to look like he is caring about boxing beyond the prize he will recieve and make the biggest fight of this century. I think Floyd’s issue isn’t just ego though. the negotiation is always the fight before. Winning that is as important to Floyd as getting in their heads with trash talk. This is part of Floyd’s pre-fight plan.

  2. Floyd at #

    Nice post, I liked it.

    I’d like to just point out that if the woman told the police Mayweather hit her, and the child also said he saw Floyd hitting her, then why exactly did they not arrest him for domestic battery? If they actually told police what’s in this article then the cops would have arrested him for it. Instead they arrested him for grand larceny, so if he beat her and there are witnesses then how come he wasn’t arrested for it to go along with the grand larceny charges?

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