Mel Gibson Leaves Baby Lucia To Smoke And She Falls From Table


Mel Gibson

During a recent deposition Oksana Grigorieva revealed that Mel Gibson left their child Lucia while he went to smoke and when he returned the child had fallen from a table.

Oksana went on to say:

I ran downstairs and he already picked her up and told me that he did something stupid. He (Mel) didn’t say very much, he was upset and I took Lucia and I was — I didn’t say anything to him. I asked him how it happened, and what had happened and how he found her, and he explained everything to me. Showed where she fell from and I analyzed her and looked at her eyes. I looked at her bruises – not bruises but the bump on her front and the bump on her back, back of the head and the front of the head and analyzed that – but she looked focused. After initial shock of crying and, of course, I consoled her and she stopped crying eventually. So literally she was sitting on a slide on top of the table. I think he went to have a smoke and she slid down. There was no reconstruction. He just explained it to me. Since Lucia didn’t show signs of serious injury… there was no need to take her to an emergency room.”

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