Madonna & Child Launch Material Girl Collection in NYC


Madonna, Lourdes Leon 13, and Taylor Momsen were all in attendance at the launch of the Material Girl Collection in New York which is an ode to Madonna’s 1985 hit.

Madonna said that most of the decisions for the collection were made by Lourdes but that she sometimes disagrees with Lourdes and does become vocal. Madonna added when they begin to clash that’s when she jokingly tells Lourdes to go do her homework.

“Madonna was also asked by a reporter  if Lourdes was dating yet, Madonna recoiled and shook her head in a way that suggested, no matter what the answer was, she wasn’t ready for her baby girl to start seeing boys.”

The Material Girl Collection will be sold online by Macys and since August the site has received 1 billion hits.

Taylor Momsen the face of Material Girl told the Huffington Post:

That Madonna is “such a down-to-earth, sweet person and that was really cool to see.” She added, “I think the cool thing about style is that it’s so unique to every person….It’s about making it your own and owning it, no matter what anyone says.” Does Momsen ever go casual? “I do, around the house…sweatpants, absolutely.”

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