Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Co-Star From ‘Machete’ Writes Letter To Judge


As Lindsay returns to court this morning to see if Judge Elden Fox will spare her jail time for recent positive drug test, a co-star from Machete has written a letter to the judge pleading no jail time for Lindsay.

According to TMZ this is the letter Electra Avellan sent to the judge this morning.

Dear Judge Fox,

I am writing you in regards to Lindsay Lohan. I have had the pleasure to get to know her very well and have endured the past year with her through her highs and lows. I am desperate to get this message to you. She is working really hard to be better and has done everything possible to stay healthy and clean. We (family members and loving friends) have separated her from anyone who can harm her or deviate her from her goals which are to be a model citizen. She is aware of her impact in this world and wants to rise from this. A few days ago she had a very low moment and made a mistake that has her so terrified it is breaking my heart. I am truly concerned for her well being.

I do not intend to tell you what to do, but as a model citizen to another, I must beg you to please not send her to jail. Jail brought her down, and created so many insecurities and anxiety that we are now fighting to strip from her. She is not going to make this mistake again. She is building herself back up every second and jail will only set her back.

Please Judge Fox look at Lindsay and know that she is a woman who is struggling to get her life back on track, maybe as a day patient and a lot of wonderful community service we can have her pay back the mistake. I also think that community service can show her a different human dimension and allow her to count her blessings more often. I want to see her succeed and shine again. Please help her do it. She wants to get away from this madness. She needs help.

Thank you
Electra Avellan

UPDATE: Lindsay was just remanded to custody without bail and could be in jail until October 22nd for testing positive to Cocaine and Adderall. Lindsay looked shocked as she was lead away in handcuffs briefly staring at her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley.

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