LeAnn Rimes Calls Wendy Williams Mean & Judgmental for Calling Her Cheating Sloppy


LeAnn Rimes is upset that Wendy Williams called her out on her affair with married Eddie Cibrian with whom she now lives with.

Wendy’s reaction to their affair speaking to US Magazine said “It’s all very sloppy”! Wendy also took issue with LeAnn referring to Eddie’s children as her boys. Wendy went on to say “The boys have a mother and her name is Brandi Glanville.

LeAnn tweeted:
All I know is Wendy Williams done pissed my mamma off! I don’t wanna be in her path. To say “I’ve reserved myself a place in hell?!” I’m incredibly disappointed to see someone with that kind of platform use it for such negativity and could be so mean and judgmental about a situation they know nothing about.

LeAnn please shut-up regarding your affair no one wants to here about “your boys” and next time close your legs to married men!

What’s your opinion on LeAnn’s situation?


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One Response to “LeAnn Rimes Calls Wendy Williams Mean & Judgmental for Calling Her Cheating Sloppy”

  1. This woman is entitled to her opinions like all Americans. It is best if she adheres to her chosen profession rather than enter a fray she can do little about. I appreciate her sentiments but not her arrogance. This matter is for the elected government, no matter how bad, to settle. GaGa, do not set yourself up as a demi-goddess and speaker for the people; you do not qualify.

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