Laguna Beach Surf Shop “Honors” Dr. King With 20% Off Black Items


Thalia Surf Shop MLK Ad

According To Mailonline:

A Laguna Beach, California surf shop has received complaints after featuring Martin Luther King’s image on a promotion for its black sale items.

Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach superimposed the civil rights leader’s face over a picture of a man in a wetsuit holding a surf board for its Martin Luther King Day sale.

But the outlet has been criticised for the crass use of Dr King’s image in an advertisement, especially on a national holiday honouring his influential beliefs, with commentators saying the promotion showed ‘bad taste’ and was ‘wildly inappropriate’.

Misguided: A California surf shop chose to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day by digitally altering an image of the civil rights leader for a black products sale

The store’s promotion, initially titled ‘Proud to be Black’ but later changed to the ‘Respect Sale’, offered 20 per cent of all black products sold by the shop on January 17, in honour of Martin Luther King Jr Day.

The Laguna Beach store’s website had featured the digitally altered image of Dr King but that has since been removed since the local Orange County Register newspaper publicised the controversial campaign.

‘It’s our slow time of the year, so we’re always getting creative,’ the shop’s owner Nick Cocores explained.

He told the Orange County Register that the ‘Respect’ promotion was intended to salute Dr King as a visionary speaker, rather than an attempt to offend anyone.

However, while some readers of a story on the OC Weekly regarding the promotion said it should be permitted as free speech, others called it ‘truly tasteless’ and ‘plain idiotic’ .

2011 MLK Parade Auburn Avenue Atlanta

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