Kim Kardashian Left With Black Eyes From Botox


According To The Daily Mail Online:

“Kim Kardashian is only 29 but she already thinks she’s suffering from the ravages of time.
The socialite decided to take some action and attempt to turn back the clock – and as ever, she took the TV cameras along to document the occasion.
On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kim visited a Beverly Hills clinic for some Botox injections around her eyes.

Kim took her little sister, Khloe, along for some moral support – but that didn’t work out quite as planned!
Instead, Khloe just squirmed in the background, telling Kim that she is ‘stupid’ for undergoing the procedure.

Prompting Kim to tell her sister repeatedly to ‘shut up!’
Kim decided to brave it and have the injections without the numbing cream, vowing that she has a high tolerance for pain.

Unfortunately, Kim didn’t end up with the desired outcome as she suffered an allergic reaction to the injections.

Despite attempting to relax in a bubble bath and ice the injections sites, Kim ended up with some serious swelling and two black eyes.”

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