Keith Richards: ‘I Really Did Snort My Fathers Ashes’


Rolling Stone Keith Richards 66, confirmed in his new autobiography “Life” he did snort the cremated remains of his father.

According To Mail Online:

In the book, he reveals he acted on impulse after some of the ashes blew on to a garden table as he was about to scatter them around an English oak tree.
He said: ‘The truth of the matter is that after having Dad’s ashes in a black box for six years, because I really couldn’t bring myself to scatter him to the winds, I finally planted a sturdy English oak to spread him around.
‘And as I took the lid off of the box, a fine spray of his ashes blew out on to the table. I couldn’t just brush him off so I wiped my finger over it and snorted the residue.
‘Ashes to ashes, father to son. He is now growing oak trees and would love me for it.’

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