Joe Francis Refuses To Pay $2 Million Wynn Casino Judgement

Joe Francis

Joe Francis has been indicted over a $2 million debt he allegedly owes to the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas.

The Grand Jury ordered the “Girls Gone Wild” founder to stand trial on 2 criminal charges which could result in a 4 year prison term.

Wynn Casino sued Francis in 2009 and won a judgement against him but he refuses to pay saying the casino owed him a discount on his losses. The casino claims they issued him $2.5 million in markers but Francis did not have the money in his bank account to cover the losses incurred. Since the 2009 judgement Francis has paid $500,000 of the debt owed to the casino.

Francis says, “I’m 100% confident that I will prevail, just like I always do. Steve Wynn has enormous influence over the politicians in the Las Vegas area … so I’m sure he’s behind this.” “The moral of the story is don’t gamble at the Wynn casinos or this could happen to you.”

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