Janice Dickinson Reveals Past Child Abuse On Celebrity Rehab As She Battles Drugs & Alcohol


 Supermodel Janice Dickinson
On this weeks Celebrity Rehab Janice Dickinson continues to battle her addiction to alcohol and anti-anxiety drugs as she reveals physical, sexual and emotional abuse by her father.

“I’m writing in my journal and the memories keep coming back. I’m just really mad. I’m mad. And I’m afraid — afraid that I will never get a grip on child abuse.”

“I was damaged beauty from the start. My dad had rage issues. I don’t feel good inside,’ she added. ‘I don’t sleep. You have no idea about the abuse. You have no idea how bad I feel. Physical abuse, emotion abuse and sexual abuse.”

We wish Janice well and hope for a full recovery!

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One Response to “Janice Dickinson Reveals Past Child Abuse On Celebrity Rehab As She Battles Drugs & Alcohol”

  1. Elizabeth Blackwell at #

    I love watching Janice on TV. She is very quick witted, funny and smart. She is scarred but strong…blunt but caring ,forgiving and compassionate. I hope to see Janice on her own TV show again. I laugh and cry with Janet as she sheds the layers of the childhood abuse on she suffered from on camera. Many women can relate to her life story. Please Janice, come back to TV. Your fans miss and support your courage. Those whom judge Janice so harsh will learn to care for her as we watch her to continue to reslove all the issues created in her childhood. I also hope to see Janice with her son again. He is a strong force in her life and looks out for her. Janice is more interesting than Kate Plus Eight. TLC please bring us the Janice Dickerson Show!

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