Heidi Fleiss: ‘Leave Charlie Sheen The F**k Alone’


Heidi Fleiss

The famous former Hollywood madam — who used to regularly supply hookers for Sheen — claims people should just allow him to party as hard as he wants.

The Two and a Half Men star recently had a wild time with porn star Bree Olson and some of her pals in Las Vegas, raising fears that the troubled actor is in need of an intervention ASAP.

But Fleiss does not believe any such drastic action is required for Sheen, claiming it’s Lohan who needs to be constantly monitored.

She said: “Look, people need to leave Charlie the f**k alone. Do they really expect him to go to church when he is not working?

“He is the highest paid actor on television — on a really popular show — and he always delivers by turning up on time and putting in great performances, and that’s all that matters.

“There is no comparison with Lindsay Lohan because she is not functional and is an addict with a sickness – I should know because I’ve been to rehab several times too.
Heidi Fleiss

“It’s not as if we see Charlie smoking a crack pipe or anything, the guy just loves to party, and people just don’t seem to want to accept that.

“Also, Charlie is making a lot more money than Lindsay and he should be allowed to spend it whatever way he sees fit. She’s the one that has to try and get her career and life back on track. He’s doing fine.

“Really – Charlie Sheen with hookers? It’s not a real surprise, is it? Who’s fooling who here?!”


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One Response to “Heidi Fleiss: ‘Leave Charlie Sheen The F**k Alone’”

  1. linday lohan fan at #

    Charlie Sheen is a complete LOSER, dirtbag, scumbag. He’s so disgusting that we can’t ever again view any movie or sitcomb he’s been in, since he’s clearly such a self-righteous, sociopathic scumbag that clearly EVADES jail by simpy being a “celebrity.” while others who have done exactly what he’s done, would be spending many years in JAIL. so much for American JUSTICE, aND he’s supposed to be Catholic…..go figure..This guy is just too much. He can care LESS about confession and getting right with God, although we sure hope he does, SOON. As for Heidi, you are beautiful and mysterious, you are someone who did what most people could never do, yet, your sins are going to chase you and evenutally bring you to the darkness….may you and others like charlie see the errors of your ways, oh, yes, it’s as this point you laugh, and bring another beer to your dried out lips, but you know what we say is true and you know that your end is near so why not just admit the way you’ve lived is killing you and live for what is right and true and PURE and get on with it? ROCK ON so you think we’re crazy? who is really crazy here.?

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