Godaddy CEO Bob Parsons Creates Firestorm Over Elephant Hunt

Bob Parsons CEO

Bob Parsons, the CEO of the internet hosting company, is embroiled in a controversy after killing an elephant in Zimbabwe and posting the video on his blog. Parson’s justifies the killing of this magnificent animal saying the meat fed the villagers and scared the rest of the herd away from their crops.

The CEO says he only kills one elephant and concentrates on old bulls, which he said,  “has no effect on the herd” (except it’s now dead) “because younger bulls breed in their place.

Parsons goes onto to say, “The people there have very little, many die each year from starvation and one of the problems they have is the elephants, of which there are thousands and thousands, that trash many of their fields destroying the crops. These people have literally nothing and when an elephant is killed it’s a big event for them, they are going to be able to eat some protein.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals closed its account with the hosting company and issued this statement on their website

“Parsons is hiding behind the lame claim that killing elephants helps farmers in Africa whose crops are damaged by the animals. In fact, there are ample effective and nonlethal methods to deter elephants from crops, including using chili-infused string and beehives on poles to create low-cost ‘fences,’ ” the note said. “Instead of coming up with flimsy excuses for killing these highly intelligent and social animals, Parsons should use his wealth to fund humane solutions to human/elephant conflicts.”

PETA said that Parsons has also killed at least one “leopard for his personal enjoyment.” reinterated what many animal rights groups and the socially conscious advocate. “If Parsons truly wants to be a hero, he should donate the thousands of dollars he spent to kill that elephant on his vacation to organizations that are working on humane ways to resolve the problem all year round.”

Bob Parsons--It should be against the law for anyone over 60 to wear nugget earrings

Wayne Pacelle with the Humane Society of The United States said, if Parsons wants to help the people of Africa, I suggest he spend a day with Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates and learn how real charitable work on the continent is done. They’ve invested of their time and considerable wealth to promote education, housing, nutrition, and public health. And last time I checked, they didn’t leave a trail of animal victims they’ve personally slain at the end of their visit. If he wants to help people keep elephants out of crop fields, he should fund the building of solar-powered fences like those successfully used for this purpose in neighboring South Africa. My guess is Mr. Parsons went to Africa to shoot an elephant, and perhaps some other creatures, and then tried to find some high-sounding rationale for his gambit.”


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