Dr. Phil: It’s A Dog Eat Dog World


Dr. Phil & Maggie

Dr. Phil and his wife Robin are being sued in Santa Monica by their former best friend Janet Harris for a brutal unprovoked attack by the McGraw’s dog Maggie. The McGaw’s canine is a rare Korean Jindo used for hunting that can be territorial and unpredictable around strangers.

The plaintiff Janet Harris is alleging she suffered uncontrollable bleeding,deep puncture wounds and cuts on her arm and hand.  Harris required an extended stay in a nursing home recovering from a deadly infection called pastuerella mulocida, prescribed steroids ,antibiotics and  was attached to an IV for 7 days.

The plaintiff’s  attorney stated that, “the McGraws allegedly refused to provide compensation or assistance to Janet to aid with her illness, instead leaving her to deal with mounting health problems and financial burdens alone.”  Her attorney seeks compensation for general damages,medical treatment costs, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering.”

Jane Harris On The Dr. Phil Show In 2009

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