Dennis Hopper’s Estate Sued By Wife Victoria


Before Dennis Hopper’s death in May 2010 of prostate cancer, he was embroiled in a bitter divorce with his wife, Victoria.

Victoria has now filed a lawsuit against the Dennis Hopper Trust and one of Dennis’ daughters from a previous marriage.

Victoria is suing the estate for breach of contract, enforcement of judgement and unjust enrichment.

Her lawsuit makes the claim that the, “Plaintiff cannot trust that the Co-Trustees have sufficient funds available to pay Galen’s (daughter with Victoria) support and expenses until she reaches the age of 19. To ensure that the funds will be available, Plaintiff requests that $1,000,000.00 be paid in advance into an account for the benefit of Galen Hopper to secure the current order for child support, as an expense to the Trust, along with the other expenses ordered in the Order After Hearing.”

Victoria is also seeking $150,000 in legal fees the trust was to pay her attorneys in their divorce and for a $12,000 bounced support check for their daughter Galen.

The plaintiff is also asking for $50,000 damages from loss of income, “because decadent blocked Plaintiff from obtaining employment, and he never provided or allowed Plaintiff to develop any economic opportunity herself, Plaintiff was unable to seek employment, and decadent breached his obligation to put her into a business.”

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