Culture Club Announce World Tour In 2012


Culture Club

Boy George 49, confirmed a world tour starring the iconic ’80s hitmakers. The announcement comes during the run-up to the release of his solo album ‘Ordinary Alien,’ partly written while he served four months in prison for the assault and false imprisonment of a male escort.

Responding to a question about a Culture Club reunion, sent to the BBC’s ‘Breakfast’ show late last week by celebrity fan Mark Ronson (a top producer in the industry, and brother of Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Samantha Ronson), Boy George replied: “We are getting back together. Next year. This year [I’m touring] on my own. It’s kind of a precursor for what I’m doing with Culture Club in 2012. We’ll be doing a proper huge
worldwide tour and a new album.”

Boy George

The reunion falls on the band’s 30th anniversary. They nearly hit the road together in 2006, when original bandmates Mikey Craig and Jon Moss announced a Culture Club comeback, but their flamboyant frontman declined to sign on, and plans were soon scrapped.


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  1. Vanessa at #

    SO happy to hear that they will be touring again . personally if they wait a few more months that’s fine with me when they are ready , and then again when are we ready. Love you BOY!

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