Courtney Love Shells Out $430,000 To Settle Twitter Lawsuit


Courtney Love has settled her “twitter” lawsuit filed against her by  fashion designer Dawn Simorangker aka Boudior Queen. Dawn claimed she had been defamed in a series of tweets Love had posted.

The suit did not go to trial due to an agreement reached between the two parties which will cost Love $430,000.

The twitter rants by Love started when a dispute erupted over a $4000 payment for clothing, the plaintiff accused Courtney of ruining her business with a series of defamatory tweets posted over 20 minutes in 2009.

Love argued that Simorangkir could not prove how she was damaged, the fashion designer pointed to Love’s influence as an entertainer. The Hole frontman sent a series of damaging comments including that Simorangker was and “asswipe nasty lying hose bag thief.”

Love’s attorney James Janowitz is pleased with the deal. “Because of the extended payout it’s a modest settlement,” and the plaintiff had asked for “vastly more”. “They got out with an amount that left them bragging rights but nothing else.”

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