Charlie Sheen Was Shouting The N-Word During NYC Meltdown


Charlie Sheen

An insider stated:

“He was punching the walls of the hotel room and going crazy and shouting ‘n**ger, n**ger, n**ger for no reason at all,” the source told “It was absolutely bizarre. At this point the porn star he was with locked herself in the bathroom.

“What happened in that hotel room is worse than what anyone knows – and people already know a lot of awful things!”

As reported exclusively Sheen hired porn star “escort” Carpi Anderson for $12,000 for the night. Sheen, his assistant and two friends hooked up with Capri and several other “models” and went to the restaurant Daniel.

When Sheen tried to have sex with Anderson, whose real name is Christina Walsh, she asked for her money first. He didn’t have it.

Sheen’s ex wife Denise Richards briefly joined him at the restaurant. But she left when she saw what a mess Charlie was and realized Anderson was a porn star and escort.

Back at the Plaza hotel, Sheen again tried to have sex with Anderson and she demanded her money. But Charlie couldn’t find his wallet and went nuts.

“At the restaurant Charlie was snorting cocaine in the bathroom,” the source told “But at the hotel he was cooking it into rocks so he could smoke it.

“He doesn’t like to snort it because it hurts his nose and he’s had his nose redone.”

Charlie and Anderson smoked coke and Sheen became delusional. When he couldn’t find his money he began throwing furniture around and got violent.

“He was out of his mind,” the source said. “He punched the wall over and over. Capri locked herself in the bathroom. He was screaming and yelling.

Charlie Sheen's Plaza Hotel Room

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