Celebrity Pets


Mariah Carey

50 Cents

Mickey Rourke

Nicole Richie

Queen Elizabeth

Paris Hilton & Two of Her Chihuahuas

Paris Hilton’s $325,000 Doggy Mansion

Mariah Carey

Interior Paris Hilton’s Doggy Mansion with AC & Chandelier

Nicole Richie and her four-legged friends

Adrien Brody with his chihuhua

Paris Hilton with Tinkerbell

Ozzy Osbourne and his English Bulldog

Holly Madison

Megan Fox and her Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig

Denise Richards and her pooch posse

Nicollette Sheridan and her Golden Lab

Sharon Osbourne and her furry babies

Pamela Anderson takes a walk in Malibu

Henry Winkler

Christina Aguilera snuggles with her Maltese

Jane Seymour

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Derek Hough

Vern Troy

Bethany Frankel

Ashley Tisdale

Jessica Simpson & Daisy

Sandra Bullock


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