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Diane Sawyer To Interview Bruce Jenner: Keeping Up With The Transition

Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner, 65,  plans to sit down with ABC’s Diane Sawyer to discuss rumors that have been floating around in the media for the past year that he is transitioning to life as a woman.

Sawyer is “in the final stages of negotiating the interview” with Jenner, who reportedly is planning a docu-series on the E network about the gender transition, Jenner’s interview will air in May.

“He is finally happy and his family is accepting of what he’s doing,” an unnamed source reportedly told People. “He’s in such a great space. That’s why it’s the perfect time to do something like this.”

“It will air when he is ready to be open about his transition,” another source reportedly told People. “But he’s acting more and more confident and seems very happy.”

Jenner, who has not publicly confirmed the reports, divorced Kris Jenner, fellow star of the E! series “Keeping up With the Kardashians.”


Desperate Living Is Not Pretty: Teresa Giudice Shops For Designer Rags At Marshalls

Three years after filing bankruptcy Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice was spotted shopping for bargains in discount store Marshalls, where there slogan is “never pay full price for fabulous”.

The real housewives always manage to look fabulous whether they have $1 or a million!

Bethenny Frankel’s Husband Jason Storms Out Out Of Their $5 Million Tribeca Condo Over Her Diva Antics

Almost from the beginning of Bethenny Frankel’s marriage to husband Jason Hoppy their marriage has been rocky, this week they celebrate their second wedding anniversary.

After months of explosive arguments on their reality show ‘Bethenny Ever After’  Bethenny’s husband Jason has walked out of their $5 million Tribeca apartment in lower Manhattan and moved into the nearby Cosmopolitan Hotel according to In Touch magazine.

Hoppy is telling friends that he left their condo over renovations but a source close to the reality stars say Jason is fed up with Behenny’s diva behavior.

According to In Touch Bethenny has become obsessed with her looks, fame and the launch of her Los Angeles based talk show.

Bethenny Frankel Walks Her Dog Cookie in Manhattan


The source goes on to state, “her energy has been nervous and neurotic,’ the source says. He can’t take it anymore, so he’s been doing everything on his own. Jason thinks that it is a metaphor for the fact that we keep going around in circles in our relationship that we keep having the same argument over and over again.
And she said in another clip: I’m definitely at breaking point, I’m tired of being the only one who has problems, is the crazy one, everything is my fault, it just must be me. I just think Jason has to take responsibility for 50 percent of this relationship.”

The former Real Housewives of New York star recently told Anderson Cooper that, ‘I think marriage is a little bit more difficult than I thought.” Adding that her hectic schedule and work demands have put a strain or her relationship with Hoppy.

Cher’s Son Chaz Bono Will Give The Floor A Whirl On The Next Season Of Dancing With The Stars

Son of superstar Cher has been confirmed as a celebrity contestant on the next season of Dancing With The Star.

Chaz has been hitting the gym in West Hollywood to be in top shape for his dancing debut on Stars this Fall.

Best of luck Chaz!

Shannon Tweed Is Done With Gene’s ‘Family Jewels’ – Walks Off Set

For Kiss frontman Gene Simmons his reality with partner of 28 years Shannon Tweed is unraveling as she walks off the set of an interview with  “The Joy Behar Show” which will air Wednesday evening.

On a “Today Show ” appearance earlier that morning to promote their reality show “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels” Tweed admitted the couple’s relationship was coming to an end.

In a promo for their reality show Shannon says, “He’s a pig and I don’t like it,” said Tweed. “And I’m done. I’m f**king…”as her voice trailed off. Later, she continued, “I’m tired. I’m tired of his life,” referring to Gene’s regular “business meetings” that involve other woman.

On  the Behar show Tweed’s anger boils over with her eventually leaving the set of the interview.

“It sounds like you have been together a long time,” said Behar, “and you [Gene] have your philandering ways, is that what I’m hearing?”

Shannon: “I like that word.”

Behar: “Is it true, Gene?”

Simmons: “There have been,” he admitted.

Bahr: “Are there any now?”

Simmons: “Not right now.”

Behar: “Not right this minute because you’re here.”

Tweed: “In what, the last month, would you say”

Behar: “In the last month?

Simmons: “No.”

Tweed: “Congratulations.”

As talk returned to the status of the TV series, things escalated even further: Simmons said “I think she [Tweed] just flipped me the bird…I’m not sure.”

Gene Simmons - KISS

Behar asked Simmons how his back was.

“My back is good,” replied Gene. “My schmekel…not so much.”[schmekel is Yiddish for penis]

“That’s very nice of you to make a joke about it,” said Shannon, slapping Simmons on the shoulder and telling him to “f**k off.”

“It’s so rude of you to joke about it,”  Tweed then proceeded to take her mike off and leave the set.

Paris Hilton Blames Oxygen For Low Ratings Of New Reality Show ‘The World According To Paris’

Paris Hilton’s new reality show on Oxygen “The World According To Paris” did not debut to stellar ratings and now she’s blaming the network for the low numbers.

“Paris is furious that the show didn’t premiere at the time it was supposed to. She worked her tail off doing promotion and publicity for the show and then because of a technical mistake, the show aired at a completely different time in a lot of markets.”
A technical mistake? There wasn’t one, says the network:
“The show premiered at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, June 1 as was promoted. There were no technical mistakes. We look forward to a very exciting run of the series.”

Brooke Mueller & Charlie Sheen In Happier Days

Charlie Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller’s reality  is filled with drama from  her marriage/divorce from Sheen,drug addiction and rehab  which should boost the ratings for the show in the next several episodes.

If this fails maybe a new sex tape is in Hilton’s future.

Snooki Arrested In Italy After Crashing Into Police Officers

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi star of the MTV hit “Jersey Shore” was arrested in Florence, Italy on Monday after crashing the car she was driving into a police car. She was taken into custody ,lost her driver’s license and was seen wearing a neck brace hours later.

The crash sent two police officers to the hospital with minor injuries.

The “Jersey Shore” star may be facing a civil lawsuit from the crash, Italian law allows parties up to 90 days to file a lawsuit against a defendant. A police spokesman said, “It was nothing serious and they have been released, but they will not be back at work for a week.”

Snooki is in Italy with the Jersey Shore cast filming the 3rd season of the hit show.

“Renegade” Star Lorenzo Lamas Marries For Fifth Time In Cabo San Lucas

Lorenzo Lamas, 52, the father of six from four previous marriages has married for a fifth time to longtime girlfriend Shawna Craig, 24, in Cabo San Lucas,Mexico.

The bride and groom went casual for their nuptials with Lamas wearing a black long-sleeved shirt,white pants and flip-flops,the bride wore white lace gown.

Shayne Lamas, 25, Lorenzo’s daughter who was once engaged to ‘bachelor’ star Matt Grant said, “They are both really excited and seem very much in love, so they of course have my blessing.”

Shayne was married in a 2010 Vegas wedding to blogger Nik Richie after knowing him for a couple of hours.

The “Renegade” star was last married to Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand, they divorced in 2002.

With three more weddings Lamas will surpass the all-time celebrity serial bride Elizabeth Taylor.

Meat Loaf’s Meltdown On Celebrity Apprentice

Bananas! Rachel Zoe & Husband Welcome Baby Boy

Rachel Zoe the star of her self title Bravo show The Rachel Zoe Project and husband  Rodger welcomed their first child named Skyler Morrison Berman.

Their son weighted in at 6 lbs., and is 20 inches long.

The couple issued a statement from Los Angeles that, “mom and dad literally could not be happier or more in love with their son.”

Bravo released a statement earlier this year the return of the 4th season of The Rachel Zoe Project which will debut later this year.

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