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‘Soi Dog The Movie’ The Shame Of Phuket,Thailand

The Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) is pleased to announce the release of the full-length feature documentary Soi Dogs, produced by Environment Films. The 66-minute documentary is far from the standard charity campaign film. Although it does give an insight into the day-to-day challenges of the foundation, it is also a human story, one that combines tragedy and compassion with humour and excitement. It is inspirational and involving throughout and is suitable for the entire family to watch.

The documentary enjoyed its premiere screening at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London, and received a standing ovation from the capacity audience.  The movie made it’s southern hemisphere debut in Melbourne, Australia in January of 2010 and raised over $12,000 dollars in donations. If you might be interested in hosting a regional showing of the movie please contact us at

Director Ella Todd describes her time with the foundation as: “A wonderful strain. During filming, we saw dogs that had been shot, attacked by machetes, even set on fire, yet these stoic animals still managed to find trust in people. We saw first-hand what a remarkable charity the SDF is: A charity full of hope and one that is making significant progress and a real difference, not only to the individual dogs but also the bigger picture. Soi Dogs is a combination human-and-animal story and is designed to inspire, not disturb. Had we produced a film that solely depicts the reality of the suffering that the dogs endure, sadly we wouldn’t have an audience. We are delighted by the response the documentary has so far received and are confident that having watched it, people will reach out even farther to help those that in Thailand are considered a nuisance but who in the West we consider our best friends.

“Leaving the UK to retire to Thailand sounds like a dream, but a dream can quickly become a nightmare, and paradise can turn on you in a second. Following key members of Soi Dog carrying out their daily responsibilities, this documentary is a testament to their valour, compassion and dedication in helping the estimated 20,000 dogs living wild in Phuket. Faced with horror and inhumanity each day, the foundation’s managers battle on regardless, but when adversity turns into incomprehensible personal tragedy, is their will strong enough to fight another day?”

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Chihuahua Attacks Suspects During Los Angeles Robbery

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Colorado Junkie Kills Cat With Heroin Smoke

Danielle Blankenship's Mugshot

Bottle blonde Danielle Blankenship, 21, was arrested by Colorado police after her boyfriend said she killed his roommate’s cat by blowing heroin smoke in its face.

During a domestic dispute call to her Boulder home police found the cat passed out at the bottom of the stairs.

Blankenship’s boyfriend told police she had been blowing heroin smoke in the tabby’s face, she denied using the drug.

The cat was taken to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and treated for poisoning but later died at an emergency pet clinic.

Blankenship was free on $1,500 bond on third-degree assault and misdemeanor animal cruelty and is due in court in August.

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Yoda The World’s Ugliest Dog Puts Best Paw Forward And Takes Crown

Yoda a 14-year-old Chinese Crested Chihuahua mix won the title as this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Northern California.

Yoda was found abandoned by its owner Nicole Schumacher behind her apartments and she was frightened by the dog’s unusual look and initially thought the dog was a large rat.

Yoda wowed the judges with her short tufts of hair, protruding tongue and long hairless legs to win the title in this dog eat dog contest.

Competition was competitive this year with last year’s winner a one-eyed Chihuahua named Princess Abby also in the running but Yoda edged ahead this year to grab the title.

Chihuahuas’  appear to have the competitive edge after winning the title in 2007 and 2008.

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Gaga’s Little Monster Kills Cat For Concert Outfit

Lady Gaga shocked,repulsed and intrigued others with her meat dress at the MTV Video Awards but the designer never imagined a fan would try to emulate her idol by killing the family cat of 15 years to make an outfit for an upcoming Gaga concert.

Angelina Barnes,20, of Norman,Oklahoma was charged with animal cruelty when a relative discovered she had killed the family cat and smeared the blood on her face for a Lady Gaga show.

“This person Barnes’ relative became very afraid that the suspect was going to try to do harm to her,” Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Gary Knight told the Toronto Star.

“There were things done to the house like covering light switches with duct tape so she wouldn’t be able to turn on the lights.”

After drowning the cat she cut its stomach,mutilated the eyes and placed its liver in a makeup case Barnes was taken to local hospital where she threatened a male nurse with a piece of glass.

She is currently being treated at Griffin Memorial Hospital in Norman.

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Abandoned Dogs Rescued In Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Radiation Zone

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Dog Watches Over Pal After Japanese Tsunami

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Chihuahua Bandit Rubio:You’re Fired!

Bandit Rubio & Owner Anthony Rubio

Bandit Rubio a chihuahua from the Bronx won a celebrity look-a-like contest for suiting up as Donald Trump. Bandit was dressed to the nines in a custom made grey pinstrtip suit with a red tie and a dark brown “Trump” toupee.

Bandit Rubio aka Donald Trump

The contest was held for the opening of  the  Banfield Pet Hospital in NoHo.

While Bandit Rubio placed in first, and Beau in second, it was a third place tie between look-alike Meg Ryan and Garfield the cat.  Winners received a free year of veterinary care, courtesy of Banfield Pet Hospital.


Champion Tabasco Chili Pepper aka Michael Jackson

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Salsa Dancing Dog

Lion Attack at MGM Hotel in Las Vegas

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