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Soaring In Luxury During Global Wellness Day at Four Seasons L.A. in Beverly Hills

We joined thousands of others throughout the world at the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts’ premier dive into Global Wellness Day.


It was a unique day to remind us to live well from physical exercise, healthy foods and beverages, spa treatments to enrich the soul and mind.

We participated with other journalists and reporters for the diverse wellness activities at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

The events for all participating Four Seasons throughout the world generated a record-breaking 46 million impressions internationally for Global Wellness Day.


Check out the adventure at the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills and see how other guests enjoyed the day at different Four Seasons’ properties across the globe:

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The 19 Shades Of Sons Of Anarchy Star Charlie Hunnam


British actor Charlie Hunnam’s has been in the spotlight for more than a decade. Thanks to the popularity of Sons of Anarchy, his starring role in 2013’s Pacific Rim, and the fact that he backed out of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Charlie has definitely been making  a name for himself in film and TV. Feast your eyes on a dose of eye candy and relive his sexiest moments on Sons of Anarchy.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof and Dr. Paul Nassif Separating

The bickering couple of Bravo TV’s hit reality series, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” reportedly are planning to call it quits.

According to a media report, Dr. Paul Nassif is planning to file for legal separation from Adrienne Maloof, who is aware of Dr. Nassif’s intent.

The couple, a fan favorite among Bravo’s devoted audience, has been working to try to address numerous issues. They have been married since 2002 and have three sons.

The filming of the Real Housewives has taken a significant toll on Adrienne and Paul’s marriage.

Apparently the drama became so heated that Adrienne opted to not go with the other Housewives for filming in Paris.

It’s even questionable whether Adrienne will appear in the show’s reunion filming scheduled for Monday, July 30.

After meeting with Dr. Nassif at his office and conducting several interviews with him, I always thought he was down to earth. It’s really sad to see this relationship end.

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Flour Bomb Lands on Kim Kardashian’s Lack of Empathy for Animal Cruelty

Kim Kardashian got a bit of flour power as she was posing and doing TV interviews on the Red Carpet for her new True Reflection perfume.

A woman came from behind, yelled, “Fur hag,” and then dumped an entire bag of white flour on top of the reality star’s head to the shock of celebrity interviewers, publicists and her other handlers.


The embarrassing incident was captured by cameras and quickly went viral on social media.

The stinker of reality TV has been (big) butts of many jokes because she divorced her hubbie after 72 days of marriage bliss, has been accused of using child laborer in horrible conditions to make her clothing line and a laundry list of other Kardashian catastrophes.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA named her the worst dress celebrity in 2010 because she still wears fur.

But the 31-year-old celebrity may have jumped the proverbial shark with me. Kardashian laughed off the latest flour bombing indent, telling E! TV Thursday night: “That probably is the craziest, unexpected, weird thing that ever happened to me. Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that’s a whole lot of translucent powder right there.”

Security guards held the alleged flour bomber, described as a young Asian woman, until paramedics arrived at the London Hotel in West Hollywood and determined Kardashian was not harmed.

However, several days later, the fur-wearing Kardashian changed her tune and has indicated she is moving forward with pressing charges.

“I am just going to think about it, because I don’t want someone to think they can really get away with that,” she said. “So we are going to handle that.”

PETA immediately blasted Kardashian’s plan with with a statement released to TMZ. “If she presses charges, at least people will be constantly reminded of her selfish, callous disregard for the cruel deaths that she causes by wearing fur,” the animal rights group said. “How much better it would be if she decided to evolve and enhance her image by donating her vulgar furs and exotic-animal skins to the homeless. The activist acted from the heart, something Kim doesn’t seem to have. If anything, Kim should get a life, the very thing that she denies animals.”

The group was not involved in the flour dumping but said it is planning to help with the flour-bomber’s defense costs.

As a celebrity, Kardashian has a chance to help change the world. She and her family of Armenian decent have done some of it by bringing the Armenian genocide to greater awareness. Using her star power, she could help bring attention to needless animal cruelty in the fur fashion industry.

“PETA has tried everything from polite letters to public protests, but Kim Kardashian has not been moved by the news that animals are beaten, electrocuted and even skinned alive for real fur garments,” a PETA spokesman shared with TMZ. “Whoever threw that flour may reach her when our polite appeals did not.”

As a self-described animal lover and dog owner, how could she continue wearing fur — the very same fur from the slaughter of innocent animals? Not wearing fur would speak volumes and dispel the public’s notion of Kardashian’s beauty as only skin deep.


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James Franco In Drag For ‘Candy’

According to Huffington Post:

James Franco is barely recognizable on the cover of Candy Magazine. Terry Richardson shot the actor, with his hair slicked back, wearing blue eyeshadow and thick red lipstick. Candy is, ‘The first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations.’

CANDY 2 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.

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Tony Danza Overwhelmed By Young Fan Wanting Picture

Tony Danza

When a young fan asked Tony Danza if he would pose for a picture at a Liza Minnelli performance in New York the F-listed actor could not bring himself to oblige.

“Everybody wants a picture of me,” we heard Danza telling the fan. “It’s like everyone has a phone with a camera on it, it’s just too much.”

Next time Tony when out in public with fans don’t be a grouch or just stay in the nursing home!

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Film Star Tony Curtis Dead At 85

Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis

According to People Magazine:

“Tony Curtis, one  of the beefcake screen stars of the 1950s who went on working for the next four decades, has died, his daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, told Entertainment Tonight. The cause was cardiac arrest in his Las Vegas home early Wednesday, the Clark County coroner told the Associated Press.

The star was 85 and had been admitted to a Las Vegas hospital for tests in mid-July after he had trouble breathing.

Curtis, who also suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, nearly died when he contracted pneumonia in December 2006 and remained in a coma for several days.

‘Good-Looking Kid’

Unlike another pretty face of his generation, Marlon Brando, who at least took his early screen roles seriously, Tony Curtis wasn’t entirely about the performance. “I was a good-looking kid,” he admitted to PEOPLE in 2008. “That’s the only reason I got into the movies.”

In all, there were more than 150 movies, which took place along with an equally extravagant Hollywood high life: six wives, romances with starlets from Marilyn Monroe to Natalie Wood and six kids he candidly admitted he often failed – including Jamie Lee Curtis. Nor did he make a secret of his real name – Bernie Schwartz – or his onetime drug use, or his trips to the shrink to deal with debilitating depression.

Tragic Childhood

Born in Manhattan’s tough Hell’s Kitchen, Curtis grew up in the Bronx, the son of a Hungarian-Jewish immigrant tailor. Tragedy as well as poverty stalked the family. Older brother Julius was killed at 12 by a truck. Younger brother Robert was institutionalized as a schizophrenic. A high school dropout after one year, Curtis served a WWII Navy hitch, including two years aboard a submarine – experience he leaned on for one of his favorite movies, opposite his childhood hero Cary Grant, in 1959’s Operation Petticoat.”

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The Social Network’s: Justin Timberlake & Andrew Garfield On GMA

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Trevor Donovan: Wells Fargo Found You Teddy

Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan

Before Trevor struck it big on 90210 he apparently loved using plastic.

According to a lawsuit filed by Well Fargo Trevor applied for a credit card in 2006 and as of 2009 the balance on the card $42,469.69 was still unpaid.

The debt has changed hands several times and is still in collection with attorney fees and interest still mounting.

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Just Another Day At the Grove For Brad & Zahara

Brad Pitt took his daughter Zahara to a birthday party for Rocker’s  Chris Cornell’s daughter at the American Girl store in the Grove a local outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles. As word spread the two were in the store chaos ensued with locals, film crews and paparazzi swarming the store to get a look or shot of the famous shoppers.

Lets hope Zahara got to pick out the doll of her dreams for enduring this mayhem.

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