Beverly Hills Housewife Adrienne Maloof ‘The Voice Of Reason’


Adrienne Maloof

Even though Bravo hasn’t made an official announcement, Adrienne told us, “We’re preparing for season two” when we asked whether the diplomatic Housewife clashes with any of her castmates.
“I would hope that I would continue to be the voice of reason,” she said. “I’m the type of person that—if it’s not an issue that I think is worth fighting for, there’s no reason to have a third person in there, because there’s just so many other things that are more important.”
We have a feeling she won’t be sharing a limo anytime soon with catfighting sisters Kyle and Kim Richards, who have one of their most violent confrontations yet on tonight’s finale.
“Mom had to die worrying about you and stressing about you and leave this s–t on my shoulders,” Kyle tells her sister, while Adrienne (beside Kim’s date Martin!) looks on horrified. Me-ouch! Suddenly Kyle and Camille’s infamous catfights seem more like kitten games.
Camille’s behavior on the show really surprised Adrienne, who used to socialize with Camille and ex Kelsey Grammer. “Camille and my husband [plastic surgeon Paul Nassif] and her husband used to all go out to dinner,” she told us. “Not often, but enough to where we really enjoyed their company. I really don’t know Camille to be the way that she’s been acting on the show.”
So how does Adrienne explain Camille’s sometimes bizarre behavior? “I think she’s going through a lot and that puts her emotionally very touchy,” she told us. “I didn’t really know her to be that way. Certainly it has to be difficult going through a divorce and having children and having it played on national television. I’m sure it can’t be easy.”

Adrienne missed round one of Kyle and Camille’s famous fight in NYC, but of their dinner-party rematch (incited by the fake embers of Allison DuBois’ cigarette), Adrienne said, “Obviously it was very uncomfortable for me emotionally and very draining. I think Camille is very passionate about what she believes in and Kyle is very passionate about what she believes in, and those two—their personalities just don’t jibe. That’s OK; I think at the end of the day they should agree to disagree. I don’t think they’ll ever be BFFs. But who knows? Stranger things have happened.”

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