Amy Winehouse’s Last Recording With Tony Bennett Released – ‘Body & Soul’

Bennett and Winehouse recorded the single in March, just months before she died in late July. “Our singing, it just blended perfectly. It couldn’t have been better,” Winehouse says of their collaboration in a video posted on the foundation’s site.

Mitch, who appeared on “Piers Morgan” Tuesday, told the anchor, “My memories of her obviously will never fade, she’s my daughter. But the love that she had for her family and her friends…and her generosity, that’s what I’ll remember most.”

With tears in his eyes, Mitch continued that he thinks his daughter’s legacy will be her music. “Hopefully there will be some more music, but I think there’s a great deal to come,” he went on. “And her foundation’s going to help thousands and thousands of children. What better legacy could you want than that?”


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