Amanda Seyfriend’s Love Of Rescue Dogs, The Wizard Of Dogz Fundraiser in Beverly Hills

Actress Amanda Seyfried star of Mean Girls and her current release ‘In Time’ with Justin Timberlake shares her thoughts at the Amanda Foundation’s fundraiser in Beverly Hills about the importance of rescuing animals from a local shelter. If you live in the Los Angeles Area is a great place to rescue a dog or cat in need of a permanent home.

Every year, Los Angeles County’s 28 shelters are forced to destroy well over 200,000 pets. These animals were either strays or brought into the shelters by their owners. We believe they all should have a second chance, and we will work tirelessly to rescue as many as possible.

Adoptees are taken directly from the shelters to veterinarians where they are given any necessary medical treatment, including initial inoculations and boosters. Adults are then spayed or neutered. When puppies and kittens become of age, they will be altered by the Amanda Foundation at our expense.

Dedicated volunteers give the shy and mistreated orphans special attention and spend hours daily walking frightened and insecure dogs and petting and reassuring the timid kittens and cats. It may take weeks before some of our animals are ready for adoption, but we feel that loving care and rehabilitation are worth every hour spent.

Volunteers are always needed at the Amanda Foundation, and we have a special need for foster homes for mother cats and dogs with kittens and puppies.Please call (310)278-2935.


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