Betty Ford Center: Lindsay Lohan Was Aggressor In Altercation With Employee

The Betty Ford Center’s insurance company has determined worker Dawn Holland “was not the aggressor” in her physical altercation with Lindsay Lohan on December 10 during Lohan’s treatment at the center.

This ruling by the insurance company allows Holland to have her temporary disablilty benefits re-instated her lawyer Owen Lathan McIntosh stated.

McIntosh went on to say:

“I can confirm that Betty Ford’s insurance carrier Sedgewick CMS found out in their investigation that my client was ‘not the aggressor’ during the incident and that it did take place under the ‘course and scope’ of her employment at the center,” McIntosh said.

“She is now going to get her disability re-instated in around two weeks time – she will be entitled to two-thirds of her weekly income based on her average weekly earnings each year.
“My client’s physician has already signed-off that she is temporarily disabled at the moment and therefore eligible for her benefits – I think that Betty Ford were inconsiderate to turn their backs on her.
“We have still not heard anything back from the Riverside District Attorney’s Office with regard to my client or any case they may or may not decide to pursue against her.

“Several issues remain to be considered before we decide to file any civil suit on my client’s behalf and although we have not filed anything yet it is not something we have ruled out either.
“Obviously, Dawn Holland is very pleased about these latest developments in her case and with the findings of the insurance company.”

McIntosh also said his client Dawn Holland has not ruled out a civil suit against Lindsay.

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