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Arkansas Blackbird Deaths Blamed On ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’

Britney Spears New Single Shot To #1 In 24 Hours

Since being leaked Monday, Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” is already the iTunes current best-seller. According to Reuters, the single is also already the number 16 most-played track in pop radio. From coast to coast, people are calling in and demanding their favorite pop star’s newest hit on their local station!

“In 24 hours, ‘Hold It Against Me’ instantly shot to number one in station requests,” said KISS assistant program director Julie Pilat. “Undoubtedly, Britney is back and on her way to another number one single.

The response to Britney’s new song, which ended up being release a day before her label planned, has been overwhelmingly positive. Like many of her chart-topping hits before, the song is part dance track and part easy-listening, a combination that’s proven to be a hit for Britney many times before.

Bananas Rachel Zoe Having A Baby Boy

Rachel Zoe

Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe is seven months pregnant with her first child and, in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, made the statement: “It all depends on his arrival,” while patting her belly.

Husband Rodger Berman then confirmed, “It’s a little boy.”

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Sucks Face With Pornstar On Vegas Stage

Michelle Bombshell McGee

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who rose to fame last year for allegedly having an affair with Sandra Bullock’s ex, Jesse James, got up close and personal with pornstar Bree Olson during Pauly Shore’s Vegas Is My Oyster comedy show at The Palms Hotel Resort And Casino.

Aside from getting some serious lip, and tongue, service from Bombshell, Olson also reportedly hooked up with actor Charlie Sheen a day later.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee Plays Nazi

Premiere: Ricky Martin ‘The Best Thing About Me Is You’

Dr. Conrad Murray Ordered To Stand Trial In The Death Of Michael Jackson

Dr Conrad Murray-Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray was just ordered to stand trial in the death of Michael Jackson.

Judge Michael Pastor ruled there is sufficient evidence to warrant a manslaughter trial.

In his closing statement, Deputy District Attorney David Walgren told the judge, “It was not Michael Jackson’s time to go. Michael Jackson is not here today because of the negligence and reckless acts of Dr. Murray.”

Walgren said Murray cared more about covering up evidence than helping MJ.

Kourtney Kardashian Drops 45lbs & Soaks Up The Sun In Miami

Kourtney Kardashian In Miami

According To MailOnline:

After losing 45lbs over the past year, it’s a little wonder Kourtney Kardashian was keen to show off her incredibly toned physique.

The 31-year-old reality star was pictured looking absolutely incredible in a bikini as she soaked up the sun in Miami with boyfriend Scott Disick and their son Mason.

Mother of one Kourtney wore a coffee-coloured halterneck bikini which left little to the imagination.
Meanwhile Disick showed off his toned beach body in a pair of swimming shorts, with one-year-old son Mason wearing an exact matching pair.

The family were pictured on Miami Beach last Wednesday where they were taking a break, fresh from Kourtney’s appearance at the People’s Choice Awards in Hollywood.
Kourtney described how she was 140lbs (10st) when she gave birth and is now 95lbs (6st 11lb), adding: ‘For me it is about being a healthy mom and not being a certain weight.’

Kourtney Kardashian In October 2010

At 5ft, Kourtney is the shortest of the famous Kardashian sisters and the slimmest.

The new mother revealed she shed the weight by eating small, healthy meals every two hours, rather than three big meals a day.
She also worked out as often as she could by running and doing strength training in the gym.


Britney Spears Looks Down In The Dumps As She Releases New Single ‘Hold It Against Me’

According To MailOnline:

She showed some potential in the wardrobe department last week.
But just days after looking groomed and polished, Britney Spears has taken several sartorial steps backwards and reverted to her customary scruffy style.
The singer was photographed yesterday in Los Angeles wearing an unflattering cardigan over a checked shirt with her scraped back hair reveal her scraggly hair extensions.

Looking tired: She was pictured carrying her younger son Jayden James as she chatted on the phone
With her expressionless face, the singer looked somewhat down in the dumps – which is surprising as she is no doubt destined for yet another No.1 single.
The 29-year-old star releases her comeback track – Hold It Against Me – tomorrow (January 11) to U.S. iTunes stores.

Sean Preston

Jewel & Husband Ty Murray Announce Their Pregnant

Singer Jewel has confirmed she is pregnant with her first child.

The musician has been trying for a baby with her husband, rodeo star Ty Murray, since 2009 and they’ve announced they are expecting their first child later this year.

Jewel discovered her pregnancy on the first day of her new job hosting reality TV show “Going Platinum” and admits she struggled to keep her happy news a secret.

She tells, “I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! It was so hard to keep it a secret. I was worried I’d start throwing up on set and everyone would be like, ‘Oh, she’s pregnant.’… I’m trying to be in the moment and really enjoy my pregnancy. I feel really lucky.”

Murray adds, “We’re so excited to be expecting our first baby. We always knew we wanted to have a child, and this time in our lives feels right.”

Charlie Sheen’s #1 Porn Companion

Bree Olson Porn Queen

Charlie Sheen is with three porn stars in Las Vegas, but not all of them are created equal. His #1 companion is Bree Olson.
Olson is 23 years old, and in 2008 won Best Anal Sex Scene at the AVN Awards

Olson has range — she was also a nanny on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Olson is 118 lbs, 34-28-24, and her favorite musical artist is The Carpenters.

As for the types of men she likes, according to her website (which is totally NSFW), she leans toward older guys.

Olson went to college for a year, majoring in Biology.

Bree Olson

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